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The authorities of the Canton Grisons draw a positive conclusion of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. Heads of state and government representatives from some 40 countries and numerous representatives from the business community participated in the 53rd annual meeting.

Despite the tense global political situation, caused among other things by the war in Ukraine, numerous heads of state and government representatives and a large number of personalities from the business and science communities as well as politics traveled to Davos. A highpoint of the annual meeting was the visit by the first lady of the Ukraine, Olena Zelenska. Six members of the Swiss Federal Council took the opportunity for talks in this national and international environment. All the members of the governing council of the Canton Grisons came to Davos and met with representatives of the business community and numerous persons from other cantons and the Swiss Confederation.

In total, 110 internationally protected persons requiring security measures attended the annual meeting of the WEF. Based on the prevailing threat level, heightened control and information-gathering activities similar to the past few years were again put in place. Cooperation between the various services was smooth, all measures taken proved effective and there were no relevant incidents related to security. All demonstrations in Davos as well as the winter walk from Küblis to Davos were peaceful.

The Canton Grisons and the alpine city of Davos strengthened their significance as a convention site. Governing Councilor of the Canton Grisons, Marcus Caduff, President of the WEF Committee for the Canton Grisons, expressed his satisfaction that the organizer was able yet again to set up the annual meeting in a peaceful atmosphere of dialog.

The World Economic Forum in Davos is only possible with the support of numerous partners as well as the general public. According to Cantonal Councilor Peter Peyer, Head of the Department for Justice, Health and Safety: “On behalf of the WEF Committee for the Canton Grisons, I would like to thank all cantons, participating cities and federal offices involved as well as the Principality of Liechtenstein for their willingness to contribute to the security mission for the WEF. Special thanks go out to the police forces deployed in either Davos or their own cantons for their role in the successful implementation of the annual meeting. And finally, this thanks also extends to the armed forces and the border guard.


Body: Government of the Canton Grisons

Source: WEF Committee for the Government of the Canton Grisons

Date: January 20, 2023, 2 p.m