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Leading representatives from the world of politics and business again found their way to Davos as part of the 39th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. The Canton Grisons together with the Swiss Confederation and Cantons has once again mastered the numerous challenges associated with such a large event.

The convention location Davos and the Canton Grisons again offered ideal conditions to the WEF annual meeting in 2009 while also setting the stage for various events of the Open Forum and Public Eye along with numerous spontaneous meetings in and around Davos.

Security for participants, guests and the local populace was guaranteed at all times thanks to the proven cooperation between the Swiss Confederacy, the Cantons, and the municipality of Davos. In addition, efforts were made to allow for demonstrations in Davos, and the participants to the demonstrations made good and peaceful use of their rights.

The WEF Committee for the Government of the Canton Grisons would like to thank all participants. It supports all efforts to also in the future host the annual meeting of the WEF as well as other events in Davos.

Body: Government of the Canton Grisons
Source: English, WEF Committee for the Government of the Canton Grisons
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