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Chur/Davos, January 26, 2010 – The commander of the Cantonal Police for Grisons, Dr. Markus Reinhardt, died Tuesday morning under tragic circumstances. President of the governing council Claudio Lardi and Councilor Barbara Janom Steiner oriented the public at an extraordinary press conference in Davos as well as measures taken.


This afternoon, the President of the Governing Council Claudio Lardi and Councilor Claudio Barbara Janom Steiner, head of the Department for Justice, Safety and Health, held a press conference to announce the tragic death of Dr. Markus Reinhard, long-time commander of the Cantonal Police for Grisons. He was found dead this morning in his hotel room. The two representatives from the government expressed their sadness and sorrow and would like to send their condolences to the family. All indications point to suicide. "What happened here is a human tragedy." Details could not be released at this time as the investigation is on going. "At the forefront of the information must be the desire to maintain respect and reverence toward the deceased and his family", said Councilor Janom Steiner.


Councilor Janom Steiner oriented the press on measures taken thus far. The family members were immediately contacted in person and by members of the extended police command on the tragic event. Leadership of the Cantonal Police for Grisons must be rearranged to ensure the ordering conduct of all police duties and leadership of the Police Corps for Grisons as well as to fully guarantee security of the WEF. The first deputy of the Cantonal Police Lt. Col. Robert Willi assumes command of the corps on an interim basis. Captain Marcel Suter is assigned leadership of overall deployment for the WEF.


Dr. Markus Reinhardt assumed command of the Cantonal Police for Grisons in 1984. Prior to that, he served in what was then called the Justice, Police and Health Department and as an examining magistrate for the district attorney for Grisons. Councilor Janom Steiner reminded the gathering of the outstanding services provided by Dr. Markus Reinhardt on behalf of the Canton Grisons and the Police Corps for Grisons. The passing of Dr. Markus Reinhardt represents a loss for the Canton Grisons, citizens of the canton and the Swiss Police of a tremendous personality esteemed by all at all times.


Body: Government for the Canton Grisons

Source: Eng. WEF Committee of the Government for the Canton Grisons

Date: 26-Jan-10




Note: No additional information will be provided at the conclusion of the press conference.

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