The vote by a member of the chamber is extracted here as representative for the debate and basic position of the Cantonal Parliament (GRP 4 I 2001/2002, pg. 456): 
The WEF has a special significance. It is an international event, but not an international organization. The WEF makes no decisions; it has no decisions to make. Yet contacts are maintained at this event and a dialog conducted between politics, business and other interest groups. 
The WEF is also unique in that the presence of politics and the civil society move about at the highest levels. Topics are often taken on and discussed at the WEF long before the press deals with them. The WEF provides our canton with an excellent platform to build bridges and open new perspectives. 
The WEF stimulates tourism directly in and around Davos and has played a key role in creating an outstanding image of the Canton Grisons. And that is why we want it back in 2003 from New York. 
There are, however, a number and good reasons to question, criticize or even battle on-going globalization. I fully understand this position. 
Nevertheless, there is one consideration that I believe is important. Our country is the very epitome of a free democracy. To the extent that there is even an area where I believe we are actually better than others, it would be with regard to direct democracy. And freedom of expression naturally belongs to this democracy. 
We are quite proud of this democracy and we would do well to always remember how important and significant democracy is not just for our country, but rather, above all for each one of us. And it here that is the crux of the matter with WEF. We naturally want to extend our democratic rights to both groups: Proponents and opponents of globalization. The WEF has already been meeting for 30 years without disruption in Davos. Of course, people with different opinions should also be able to meet and express their opinions. Yet we demand of both groups that they abide by certain advanced rules of the game since democracy is not the same as simply doing what one wants. And these rules should suffice for all. 
It is our duty and debt to our democracy to ensure compliance with set rules of the game using the appropriate and requisite measures if one or individual groups refuse to abide by these democratic rules. To not do so would threaten our status as a democracy. We would lack credibility and our democracy would descend to farce. 
Democracy does not merely mean guaranteeing freedoms, but also enforcing them when necessary. Our country would be susceptible to blackmail were we to turn away from ensuring these freedoms and would sooner or later become paralyzed. Taking on the WEF through threats of chaos and violence, could easily be replicated against other events or institutions within our Canton and country.