Government position 

The government for the Canton Grisons is proud to once again host this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF Annual Meeting in Davos is a valuable platform for Swiss foreign policy and one of the most important economic and social-political events in Switzerland. As a consequence, the government for the Canton Grisons places a high degree of emphasis on ensuring the World Economic Forum is conducted in an orderly manner. Moreover, the government wants to do everything within reason to create an environment that allows critics of the World Economic Forum and globalization to pass on their concerns in a peaceful manner to both the public and representatives from business and politics. 

With its position on conducting the congress in Davos, the government, federal authorities and Davos local authority underscore their desire to ensure the freedom of expression in Davos. This includes approving a demonstration in Davos or another location in the Canton Grisons if at all possible.

Security and freedom during the WEF 

Authorities from the Canton Grisons and the Davos local authority are also in favor of openness for the WEF. At the same time, however, they place the highest priority on security for the participants of the WEF as well as the safety of the local populace and guests as has been true over the past few years. Congress participants, locals and guests alike should feel secure during the WEF annual meeting in Davos. Daily life should maintain its orderly routine in Davos even during this important event. Police controls are nevertheless unavoidable to comply with international security obligations and to guarantee everyone’s security needs. 

Globalization critics should also have an opportunity to express themselves in Davos. We do, however, request that they express their views on the negative impact of globalization peacefully during their protest. 

Yet, we cannot preclude that a minority of violent demonstrators will accept riots and damage in Davos or other locations in the Canton Grisons as a part of the demonstrations. The security forces are conscientiously preparing for this possibility. Nevertheless, the goal must remain to prevent events from escalating to violence. This requires mutual respect for the claimed individual rights. 

Conscientious preparations include a continuous assessment of the security environment. The intent is to recognize and assess risks as early as possible in close coordination with federal authorities and other cantons.